Why Women Write


She writes because words are the only lanterns that radiate her soul.
She writes because her relationship with self-expression is her most effortless.
She writes because her fingertips leak synonyms.

She writes to expose all of her botched attempts at finding perfect love.

She writes because she’s known discourteous nakedness.
She writes because she’s had to rebuild herself from the harshest rock bottoms.
She writes because she’s a narcotic memoirist that demands to have her story read.
She writes because of all the pieces of herself that demand to be read.

She writes to keep finding His Perfect Love in all her hopelessness.

She writes because she is made up of appealing contradictions.
She writes because with a shaking voice she’s had to say ‘I’ve changed my mind’.
She writes because scribbling in ink gives her a chance to structure her untamed thoughts.
She writes because she’s learnt to speak her truth to an unforgiving audience.

She writes to heal all the ancestral wounds that seem to have made her heart home.

She writes because of all the moments she shares with a shy smile.
She writes to not forget what it’s taken to reclaim herself.

She writes to lyric her song even when it’s out of tune.
She writes to find answers for all the questions she’ll never dare ask.
She writes to remind herself that ‘happy’ is a definition she should always embody.

She writes to tell stories about the places that have claimed her purity.
She writes to cough up blood clots of a devastated heart.
She writes to free herself of all the insistent hum her mind is always making.
She writes to makes sense of a life that always seems to be against her every effort.

She writes to always be her OWN first … before she ever belongs to anybody else.

Cover Photo By: Nhlakanipho Nhlapo

As a blogger/closet writer, do you ever think about why you write?

11 thoughts on “Why Women Write

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  6. She, her is me..
    IKomusana solemnly swear on oath that whatever reasons Sinawo Bukani writes are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief…
    If words have power, you my dear gives them super power..

    Liked by 1 person

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