Why I Celebrate Africa


About a year ago, I prayed to God for helpmates. At the time I didn’t even know what it was exactly that I was asking for. I never expected that silent intercession to lead me to AfroBloggers

My first admiration on this post has to be sincere appreciation for all Africa’s Authors, Closet Writers and Bloggers. I can’t help but acknowledge, how in just a matter of weeks, interaction with just a few AfroBloggers has tremendously impacted my own writing.

AfroBloggers has proven to me that even misfits eventually find their home. As the community, we might all write to our own unique voices but it is always in sync. They have created a culture that motivates us to educate, inspire and entertain responsibly. 

I’m Xhosa; I know this because, it is the language on my mother’s tongue. When I was a child, my grandmother spent time telling me ‘iintsomi’ the equivalent of modern bed time stories. She would tell me about ‘uMvundla no-Dyakalashe’ and about all their naughty exploits in the forest. I’ve always loved how there are always varied versions to one tale; you will never hear it told the same way twice. I celebrate this side of Africa; the diversity of her ever changing stories.

In my culture, when someone is older than you, you are not allowed to use their name. Respect is embedded into the core of who we are. This, I believe is derived from the concept of ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ Since the very beginning of time, this principle has helped to instil unity amongst diverse groups of people beyond class or culture. A neighbour can walk across the street and unashamedly ask for a bowl of mealie meal to cook for her household and it will be given without hesitance.

A few days ago, AfroBloggers asked what comes to mind when their followers think of Africa. I typed passionately and proudly ‘Melanin. HardWorkers. Hearts. Minds. Wit. Community. Villages. Earth. Brown. Home. Stories. Passion. Life. Builders. Hair (oh yes our very own natural hurrrrr). Diverse Cultures. Enriched Languages. Intellectuals. Words. Dignity. Integrity. 

Cover Photo By: Andile Phewa

What do you celebrate most about Africa? What do you love most about being an African? 

7 thoughts on “Why I Celebrate Africa

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  2. Grandparents and stories …. we so much in common its weird

    And the hair… singing I am not my hair ^_^ (as i shake my hair around… i really been meaning to write about my hair journey maybe I will)

    great post love it

    Liked by 1 person

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