Turning Twenty-Sevenish!

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I happened to come across a list called a ‘100 truths’ posted by a friend on Facebook yesterday. I decided to join the challenge but only answer 27 of those questions since that’s the age I turn in a week. 

  • My brother was the last person to call me (he’s almost always the only human that ever calls me).
  • The one song I’ve been listening to all week is Freshly Ground – Moto.
  • I’ve never been drunk; even in high school I was always afraid of getting in trouble with my mom.
  • I’ve kissed someone and regretted it (and cried bitterly as he was driving away) and when I went back to my friends flat, she thought he’d raped me.
  • Babalwa Mtshoko is the one person I would’ve never expected to have been this close to, she’s made such an impact in my life, truly grateful to have her in my space.
  • For my last birthday, I lied to everyone and said I wasn’t home but my friends still came around to pick me up.
  • One thing I don’t think people know about me is that I am not keen on having kids at all!!! #DearFutureHusband
  • My dad calls me Mumgobhozi, it’s a nickname from when I was a child, other humans call me ‘Nawo’
  • My most visited webpage is Dani Shapiro’s blog.
  • Current crush is definitely going to read this; so maybe I must refrain from being too open about him (just this once). Forgiven? Thanks…
  • I like that I am not afraid to make mistakes, I haven’t always been this way though.
  • The best thing I’ve ever given myself is self-care ❤
  • My first best friend was Cassandra in grade 3, we shared our lunches together everyday.
  • The first and last vacation I was ever on was with my best friend and her family, I think it was called the ‘Klein Karoo and Garden Route something something’ bestest holiday ever! I even kissed an ostrich on that trip.
  • I’m about to eat supper prepared by my sister and proofread a friend’s written piece.
  • First thing that captures my heart about the opposite sex are words and thoughts. Oh and dark skin.
  • I don’t like hugging or I don’t know how to #SociallyAwkwardHumanProblems
  • Yes I believe in miracles. I am actually my own (favourite) miracle actually.
  • ‘All that Bass’ by Meghan Trainor made me dance more times in one month, than any other song in my whole entire life.
  • Shrek is my most watched movie because the nephew makes us watch it ALL THE TIME.
  • If I could go back in time, I would go back to the time my mother fell in love with my father. I wouldn’t change anything but just to see who she became my mother.
  • Yes, I am afraid of falling in love again.
  • People always call me a feminist as if it’s a swear word.
  • Last book I read was ‘A Fork, Arrow, Red Tight Costume and Cupid’ (a book that is affectionately called the #YellowBoneBook) by Rodney Roskruge, it’s a collection of 136 poems.
  • The most exciting thing God is doing in my life right now is teaching me how to ‘Live by Faith.’
  • I am always collecting memories. I keep a journal and a scrapbook. I am always taking screenshots and I record phone calls.
  • I don’t have a dream car and probably never will.

Cover Photo By: Nhlakanipho Nhlapo

What random facts about yourself can you think of? 

5 thoughts on “Turning Twenty-Sevenish!

  1. Right now you’re my favorite writer..

    I have been going through every post you have ever written and feeling like your pretty damn awesomeness..

    I laughed so hard at the fact that you cried so hard after a kiss your friend thought you were raped..

    I have never intentionally been on . date

    I have a dream that my first boyfriend will be the person I marry (here is to hearts not letting us down)

    I do everything in my power to avoid confrontation. I talk too much but I can’t get into arguments that aren’t political or general in nature

    I love South African television series, they are hard to come by but when I do I stay on even though they never seem to end. My current favorite is Scandal!!

    I have to stop here because I need to go check the rest of your blog..

    Only one of my sisters ever calls me just to check

    Am groupie

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    • Favorite writer!!! How can I not get all emo at this??? thank you my sweet heart, this means a whole lot to me.

      I appreciate every moment you spend here ❤

      The kiss *face over blushing face* I still haven't figured out why I cried so much but when I stopped crying, I blocked him.

      First boyfriend? You've never had a boyfie?

      Yes Scandal is the power. But I don't watch much tv.

      Wait don't go, tell me more about your sisters!!!

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  2. The last person who called me is my sister, Angela (She had questions about her Phd dissertation corrections).
    I’ve been listening to the entire Messiah composition since december last year. I am listening to it now.
    I’ve been drunk before. It was stupid, and I’m glad that won’t be happening again.
    Yes I have kissed someone and couldn’t stand to swallow my own spit after. I had many regrets not just over my having to kiss him.
    Daniel is that one person I honestly
    could have ever guessed will become such a huge part of me. Pleasant surprise.
    My last birthday… I only remember being very very grateful to God for the day. It was a solemn reflective day for me.
    One thing people don’t know about me? Yeah let’s keep it that way 🙂
    Not sure what this question is asking but my Dad calls me Maame Konadu when he’s in a jolly mood. The rest of my close fam call me Hannah or Amma sometimes.
    My most visited webpage is poetryfoundation.org cos I like to read their random poems, I’ve found gems over the years.
    Current crush? Lol! Does Dr. Reid from Criminal Minds count?
    I like that I am able to understand people easily. Nothing really surprises me. That’s probably cos I have been a terrible person at certain points in my life, hurt people, etc…things I had said I wouldn’t do. I have come to appreciate the value of forgiveness, and forgiven greatly myself for loads of shit, I forgive…freely.
    The best thing I’ve ever given myself is letting myself go. Relinquishing control, I was a shipwreck when I was captain. God be praised!
    My first best friend was Angela, we are still close friends, she’s tying the knot in a few months! 😀
    I’ve never been on a vacation. I used to work with an on-campus exchange programme so I traveled a lot with the international students. My best trip was one of the CapeCoast weekend trips. The hotel stay was marvelous – Elmina beach resort, the beach at dawn and dusk was breathtaking! I roomed with Mariam Aziz, one of the most fired up young Christian woman i’ve ever met. She sowed a seed, that one.
    I’m about tp finish up with this comment and do some writing myself.
    First thing that captures me bout the opposite sex…attitude, content of conversation.
    I love hugging my loved ones…holding them and being held. Love to stand on mu tiptoe and give the tall ones full, warm hugs, lol!
    “Yes I believe in miracles, I am my own most favorite ongoing miracle actually.” Oh me too, me too!
    Dansaki makes me move!
    Three Idiots is my most watched. I still laugh and cry every time.
    If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t have offended one of my closest friends. Our friendship is stale now and it was all my fault. I’m sorry.
    I am in love. It is a beautiful learning process. Calm…sweet…God-filled.
    People say I am magnetic in a weird way, that I am too smart (while I know it is the contrary, rather) and that I bind people when I am part of a group.
    I am not sure about all that.
    Last book I read (I re-read actually – my third read) was A.W. Tozer’s The Pursuit of God.
    The most exciting thing God is doing with me is helping me declutter my life, my heart, my mind, and doing a ruthless job. It is not easy, I want out sometimes. But He’s got me!
    I didn’t use to keep a lot of journals. But now I do. I write down the most moving quotes I encounter and sometimes take shots of them. Recently, I realize I have to keep records of my changing body, to help me stay in tune.
    My dream car is a foos truck as it stands now. I want a sparkling new, full-equiped foos truck for my culinary business. Lol! One to carry me and my family around, i don’t have one I fancy, any comfy, economical car would do. Preferrably one that can go on long roadtrips :-D!!!

    Yup aaand that’s me!

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    • Oh my gosh I love the Messiah album, my goodness. I wrote my learning journal and performance development with it on repeat, so grateful for their music.

      Sounds like your regrettable kiss is a story and a half just like mine 😁

      The Daniel’s in our lives are truly special.

      I will check out poetryfoundation.org for myself then.

      Yes true. When you’ve messed up a couple of times, you’re more empathetic and patient with others rather than being too quick to judge and hurt back.

      I think out of everything listed above, I am going away with the best thing you’ve given yourself, which is to relinquish complete control of yourself, it became a quiet prayer the minute I read it, for God to teach me the same because ‘I am a shipwreck when I am captain’

      Congratulations to your friend Angela 💝

      So you’re the total opposite of me when it comes to the hugging, I super suck at it 🙈

      Send me something by Dansaki on WhatsApp please.

      Oh yes to being in love 😘 #BaeThings

      I have that book, never got a chance to read it. I actually have about 5 of his books. Hope to have enough time to read in the New Year.

      Yes to decluttering your life, I love that stage. God making space for what He knows is best for you.

      The foos truck bit made me giggle.

      Thank you Amma 😍

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