A Fork, Arrow, Red Tight Costume And Cupid


I read a book a few days before 2015 came to an end, best decision I’ve ever made!!! That I couldn’t resist but write a book review about the reading experience. Thank you so much to Naa Takia for helping me when I came to her in a panic. Her own book reviews helped me find my own voice to better structure how I wanted to express myself ❤

This is my first book review and I hope to do many more in 2016. I am so excited to be sharing this with all of you right now ❤ Find the link here and let me know what you think…

Cover Photo By: Rodney Roskruge

Any recent book favorites you’d like to review? 

9 thoughts on “A Fork, Arrow, Red Tight Costume And Cupid

  1. I know, I know and am not proud of my actions..
    However a girl who wants to be a poem can’t judge a stalker..

    Well since you ask he blogs at
    Let me know what you think of his blog..

    Also about the review… This month I am on it even if it’s just to be half as amazing a writer as you..

    He loved the review? Yeeyi you
    Congrats shy groupie & careful Joel ain’t kidding about those lessons

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  2. You have made me consider doing a book review of my own..
    But more than that, you loved a poem some much you want to be it???
    That’s just beyond mortal me..

    Your poetic friend seems very talented and you did his book justice with the review now I want to read it and also write a letter to my older self..
    I can relate to being a shy groupie, there is this blogger I absolutely love so much that I signed up for tumblr just to follow his blog but I have been in the same room with him twice and I have failed to say a thing to him.

    First because I don’t want to be stalkerish and secondly I feel like once I get to know him he will stop being super man..

    How this turned out to be about me, I have no idea 😊
    Good job… “We Have “

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    • Please do that book review of your own ❤ let me know when you've written one.

      😂😂😂 please don't judge me about wanting to be a poem hey!!! It's too awesome.

      He was also actually very happy about my review, so that also made me happy.

      Okay signing up to stalk him is legendary 😂😂😂 I am so judging you right now. Who is he, let me go check him out and tell him about your cute crush on his words.

      😘😘😘 love you…

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