Sometimes Love Looks Like This

My first guest blogging experience ❤

Titled: Sometimes Looks Like This ❤

Cover Photo By: Smangaliso Tshabalala 

Share the link of your guest blog post. How was the experience for you? 

struggling bookworm

Day 2 comes with an amazing piece from one of my favorite bloggers, Sinawo. She blogs here and is currently doing a #29lettersofgratitude where she’s posting heartwarming letters to everyone who got her where she is. I love her for her sheer honesty in her posts, she bares her soul in everything she writes making it all the more a delight to read. This post is particularly exciting because it’s the first time I have a guest blogger here and it also happens to be Sinawo’s first time guest blogging. I read this twice yesterday and cried because of how beautiful and honest it is, this of course led to me blabbering on and on and on in an email to Sinawo haha. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as i did. Thanks once again Sinawo, you are a superwoman.

Sometimes Love Looks Like This…

 Over the December holidays, I visited my father for the first time in years.  My stepmother an ever so curious being, made my non-existent love life the well she insisted on quenching her inquisition with.  I’m a 27 year old woman, who’s almost always been single, so I  understand why this would interest normal humans.

 ‘But don’t you have days where you just need someone at the end of your day’

 I must ashamedly confess this question amused me a bit, not because…

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8 thoughts on “Sometimes Love Looks Like This

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  2. Your so awesome I have even run out of ways to tell you just how good a writer you are.

    But I will keep saying it with the limited English vocabulary until you teach me Xhosa

    And I will share your work with everyone that has an appreciation for greatness..
    It’s safe to say you changed my blogging experience but no pressure…..

    It can’t be easy doing all this
    with all the noise of opinions but atleast you know the father who has your back and keeps whispering a blessed assurance
    That’s all the love anyone needs to know

    Good job, kudos
    “gw’asinga” ( That’s Luganda for you are the best)

    Ps. I have a nephew and the little guy changed my life

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    • I love the Luganda way of saying I am the best ❤ so cute, will always remember that.

      I also don't know how else to express my gratitude for how much I appreciate having you on the world wide web, I feel closer to you than any other person I have in a while. You are even more awesome, I can't even deal with you, the post about your dad though!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ #MyKomusana ❤ ❤ ❤

      Mine just got home from creche, having his supper He's quiet a bit today so I have time to actually be online.

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  3. You could stop writing now and you would still go down in my book as the best writer I have had the privilege of knowing.
    I spent an extra year or two out of school so most of my friends had a “life” before me
    The toughest part of it was having to answer the question of “what are you up to?” and the millions of questions that followed
    I am so proud of you for stepping out of the 9-5 box to do what you love
    I am

    Liked by 1 person

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