To Him, Who’ll Never Get To Be My SpiderMan

For the whole month of February, I will be posting a letter of gratitude to the people who have contributed immensely to the woman I am today. Some letters I’m thinking of sending to those I’ve written about and some I hope are never read. This will be the first time I post daily. So I am really keen on seeing how it will turn out, both for me and for those who follow this blog. I look forward to your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below. The theme for all the letters is that ‘We Are Stories’ and I will be telling mine in #29LettersOfGratitude for a whole month. If you would like to join me (PLEASE DO!!!) remember to link me in your posts.

I am so tempted to send this letter though … but I shall not!!! Hello from South Africa ❤ Thank you all for continuing on this journey with my #29LettersOfGratitude ❤

When I talk about you.
Accusations from those who’ve seen us together, follow.I think you always knew.Why else would you let an intimacy between you
and a subordinate blossom?Even with the decade old difference between our years,
you still gave me all your secrets for safe keeping.Then there was that Autumn afternoon when I saw you cry.

We were alone,
but obedience insisted you’ve never been mine to comfort.

I believed you when you said ‘you’d be fine.’
But that never stopped me from mentioning your name in all my prayers.

Thank you for teaching me love isn’t always rewarded with a ring around my finger.

Thank you for having answers,
even to questions I wouldn’t know how to ask.

Thank you for being with me at midnight.


So that when evil lurked to devour the impure,
I was always found hidden in your warm embrace.

I can still recite your every melody,
even in my deepest sleep.

Thank you for being just a mortal.

Resisting the beast that sought to find a dwelling place,
in the insides of your rib cage.

Oh and thank you for offering to give me driving lessons.
Even though I’ll never take you up on that offer.

I just don’t think ‘alone together’ should be a place we frequent.

Thank you for being the origin of my first endearing nickname,
I adore the fact that everyone uses it now.

Thank you for tracing all those awful nightmares to hidden fears,
that birthed my writing.

Since this might be my last letter to you.

I thought I should confess…

I’ve never once prayed for us to have our very own forever.

I suspect even back then.

The future always knew,
we would never have romance as a memorabilia.

Do you remember the last time I was inside your flat?
Then later you walked me home.

Side by side we strolled,
You talked and I giggled.

Thank you for showing me,
that love isn’t all that complicated after all.

Thank you for hugging my heart,
when I expected you to lay your hands on my head.

Thank you for telling me you’re a great cook,
when you could have asked if I was instead.

Thank you for being the only love,
that’s never left a scar.

Thank you for being insecure about your ‘mature’ age.

I still chuckle when I remember all the apps you downloaded,
so we could be closer.

Thank you for making my friends laugh whenever you were around them,
that ensured that they never got tired of hearing me talk about us.

Thank you for making every effort to understand me,
to figure out even the dark tidbits that haunted my dreams.

Thank you for panicking each time,
you felt our familiarity slipping through your mighty fingers.

I still get goosebumps.
When I think about the texts you sent me at the Convention Center.

Thank you for finding a million little ways of saying ‘I love you Nawo’

Without ever leading us to sin ❤

Cover Photo By: Smangaliso Tshabalala 

Have you ever been able to let love to just be pure love, without complicating it with what you wish it can be? Is there someone you believe you will always love forever and ever?

46 thoughts on “To Him, Who’ll Never Get To Be My SpiderMan

  1. Itss suhch as youu reaad mmy thoughts! You appear tto understand a loot aproximately
    this, lile yoou wrrote thhe guife inn itt orr something.
    I belikeve thast yoou coiuld ddo wioth some percent tto pressuyre the essage home
    a bit, buut other than that, this iss magnifient blog.
    A fantastiic read. I willl definitely bee back. I could not resit
    commenting. Perfecctly written! Whoa! This blog ooks juust like
    mmy old one! It’s oon a entirely different topic butt
    it has prety much the szme pasge layuout annd design. Sperb choice off


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  3. Where do I even begin?

    Girl Sinawo, Africa’s love child, forget everything thing else I have ever told you, and hear me when I say,

    The place I always want to frequent is ‘alone together with your work

    Wow wow wow wow
    Am lost for words and that never
    happens to me….
    This is so beautiful

    Jesus Christ where did you learn how to be ridiculously awesome with your words like that?

    I have award winning lines in no particular order right here

    1. “Thank you for teaching me that love is not always rewarded by a ring around my finger ”

    2. “I just don’t think ‘alone together ‘ should be a place I frequent”

    3. “Thank you for hugging my heart when I expected you to lay hands on my head ”

    4.”Thank you for having answers to questions I didn’t even know how to ask”

    5. “Thank you for telling me you’re a great cook when you should have asked if I was instead”

    6 “Thank you for being the origin of my first endearing nickname “..

    Now if you will excuse me I need to go do my 10th read

    Otherwise how are you doing my genius sister from another country?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh gosh I love you ❤ this comment made me blush all shades of pink and red.

      Thank you my sweet heart. this was also a favorite of mine hey. I loved finishing it and for the first time acknowledging him with my words. He is a very beautiful man, worth all the love we shared. He is wise and deep and always wants to see me smile. I hope he sees it, I hope he knows it's about him. I tried my best to say his name without saying his name hahahahaha

      I am feeling empty though today, haven't written a word and I have deadlines so I'm worried. Let's see how much i can manage to do by midnight.

      How are you my beautiful friend?


      • Am sure there is a whole lot of awesomeness where all this comes from
        The empty feeling will pass ,
        I love that this is your favorite because it’s mine too
        Although I think everything you write is my favorite
        Sorry about your deadlines but you got this.
        I just left class an hour ago and am heading for a dance party.
        With my other favorite people after you 😊
        So right now am guessing my life is better than yours who has deadlines… Lol
        Hopefully I find something to write about
        I love you for writing

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  4. My mother warned me about the people I’m with at midnight. They either break or make you.

    If she were here now, she’d agree that, if someone chooses to download all sorts of apps to keep you closer, they’re worth more than gold.

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