Short Story – To My First Happy Ending

For the whole month of February, I will be posting a letter of gratitude to the people who have contributed immensely to the woman I am today. Some letters I’m thinking of sending to those I’ve written about and some I hope are never read. This will be the first time I post daily. So I am really keen on seeing how it will turn out, both for me and for those who follow this blog. I look forward to your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below. The theme for all the letters is that ‘We Are Stories’ and I will be telling mine in #29LettersOfGratitude for a whole month. If you would like to join me (PLEASE DO!!!) remember to link me in your posts.

There was a knock at the door and Mweya’s heart drummed frantically inside her chest. She cringed almost hoping her ears were deceiving her. The knock came with a familiar voice that always gave her exhilarating shivers down her spine.

‘Mweya, I know you’re in there?’

Her phone came alit with Akatshinga’s name on the screen, beckoning her to let him in. She finally mustered the courage and walked to the door that was keeping them apart; and with one last deep breathe she turned the knob.

Aka had his back pressed against the wall facing Mweya, with a foreign expression on his face she couldn’t read.

‘I could hear your phone ring from over here, so I knew you were inside’ he seemed amused at his own words.

The space between them fell quiet, her gaze never meeting his. Their silence incensed with words they both ached to say.

‘The elephant in the room’ Aka drew a circle in the space between then with deliberate thoughtfulness, walking slowly towards her. Mweya’s attention remained in the direction of his pointed finger, trying not to show how unsettled she was with each step he was taking. And before she could refuse his embrace, he’d taken her into his broad shoulders.

Her mind was racing on a thousand lanes with words she couldn’t express.

‘Please say something’ he whispered in her ear, she knew how much he needed her affirmation. She tried to look up at him to meet his face with a smile but instead she felt a lump forming in her throat, her eyes unable to hold in the anxiety any longer. She tumbled this time, finding her own way into his arms.

She held on to him tightly, her yearning for Aka betraying her every attempt of will power.

He took a deep sigh and gently loosened himself from her grip. He was back on the wall, and he seemed to need the balance for what he was about to say.

‘So we both know, we haven’t been just friends for a very long time now Mweya’ he watched her face closely as he said this.

‘And just to be clear, I have taken pleasure in every boundary we’ve crossed’ he added brazenly.

‘I’ve spoken with your father.’

It hadn’t been an easy thing for Akatshinga to do but he loved his Mweya so much that he was willing to do anything to make her his, forever. Speaking with her father only meant one thing but she waited for him to finish.

‘And after hours and hours of discussions with him and your brothers of course, they’ve all agreed to us being…’ he put an open hand against his chest then moved it to hers and merged the insides of his palms together.

She looked like she was about to say something but before she could speak, he quickly added ‘your father loves you so much that he’s willing to go against the age old traditions between the two tribes and allow us to intermarry.’

He didn’t want to sound desperate but he had to know ‘I assured him this is something you’d also want Mweya?’

He reached for his pocket and out came a small box ‘a gift for Mweya!’ he exclaimed with childlike delight, as if surprised to even find it there. They both managed to smile widely at this.

‘So what do you say to giving our blossoming love a chance?’

The only thing she could manage was a convincing nod. There was clearly more to be said and done but for now this was enough, a very good start to something great.

So I totally suck at happy endings, I do not know how to make people happy in my fiction, the hearts are always bleeding. I wrote this as a submission for an online magazine and I realized that it was going to end in heartbreak, so I challenged myself to write it like this.

Cover Photo By: Lutendo Malatji

Do you write fiction? Is it easy to write happy endings? What did you think of mine?


10 thoughts on “Short Story – To My First Happy Ending

  1. It always matters, how THEY start when THEY starr, but what counts most is that which is after the start and before the end, not the climax, but the spaces in between. I love your posts! From heart, with love. #TheGreatest

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