A Journal Entry

‘We must hook up soon for lunch or something. I’m feeling lonely!!!’

This was a text I sent to a friend (just with a whole lot more exclamation marks as those stated above). I was being clingy and demanding. Most probably because I knew he would not say ‘no’ to the request.

I was recently mugged in this gorgeous city I’ve just moved to, so I no longer have a phone. And to make matters worse, my work friends and I barely have time to sit down and enjoy our lunch breaks together anymore. We always so much work to do in our different streams. Not having any form of social interaction with other human beings in my life, seemed to make me all kinds of unstable, I needed attention. He came that same day and within a few hours, he was at the reception area at my work.

I was a little excited and nervous all at the same time. It would be the first time we would ever be ‘alone together’. He took me to this really beautiful rooftop restaurant in Maboneng. The minute we reached the top floor of the building, my nervousness miraculously subsided and instantly replaced with delirious happiness. The view and the eccentric set up of the place impressed me beyond expression. And when we sat down to order, I wasn’t shy to tell him that the menu had a lot of foreign options that I’d never eaten before. I was too hungry to be adventurous, so I chose a toast with beef strips and deep fried onion rings. He let me taste what he ordered and his meal was much more scrumptious than mine.

He is one of those men in my life who think I am too opinionated and definitely not wife material. Whenever he starts a conversation and I disagree with him, he’d rather change the topic than hear my views. This used to be so infuriating when we first started having conflicting opinions about certain topics but now I just get amused at our stubbornness. I doubt that a day will ever come when he finally accepts and understands that even though I am ‘just a woman’ I have my own (very) strong convictions.

‘I really had fun at Maboneng. Our time was short though, we must meet earlier next time’ 

It was my turn to receive a text. I smile. And wonder if he’d been surprised to find out that he would (actually) have a great time with loud me. Even though I seem to disgust him relentlessly with my outspokenness and non-subservient ways. I quickly remind myself that we’ve always enjoyed each other’s company over the phone, way before we even met in person, of course he ‘had fun.’

I have a feeling there will be plenty more fun lunch dates between us and I look forward to each and everyone one of them. There is something about the time we spent together that made me feel less alone in this Big City ❤

Photo By: Sipho Biyam

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