Not All Goodbyes Are Final

‘It’s just a scar Zvikomborero’ she spoke as if it was a visible wound that could be seen.

‘It will heal, it has to. All scars heal eventually, right?’ She continued brushing the part of her chest that carried her aggrieved heart. The hurt kept betraying her as tears spilled out, falling off her untarnished face.

Tariro turned her back to her cousin trying so hard to hide her anguish but it was too late, Zee had already seen enough, and she was furious now. ‘He is a fool for letting you go, you were great together’ she said loudly expressing her anger and disappointment in him.

‘He isn’t a fool munin’ina, he can never be,’ Tariro’s voice was pained and soft not matching that of the younger woman behind her.

Tariro continued protesting in his defence ‘It is his mudzimu; it is big and important to him. He believes nothing without it and I am not from that god.’ Zee fell quiet because she could never fully grasp Tinashe’s reasons for breaking his older sister’s heart or why his gods would not want the most perfect couple to be together.

‘He chose his god; I am the sacrifice he must make in his youth.’ Tariro turned and faced her cousin this time, and continued speaking with stronger conviction, hoping to answer anymore accusations her cousin might have about the man she hoped to spend the rest of her life with. Zee nodded faking comprehension and noting the change in her tone, she promised herself not to obstruct again, this was her beloved mukoma and if this is how she chose to heal, she was willing to accept it.

‘I should have known we would end from the first night your gods started visiting my dreams. I am sure you remember how they would taunt me especially on the nights we spent sleeping side by side. You were the one to shake me out of those nightmares hearing my sorrowful cries. I don’t understand love Tinashe. I can’t stand my phone because every time it rings, I only want it to be you. I cry every day, I am angry at myself for loving a man that clearly was never mine to love. Go on then, marry the woman in my dreams, the woman your mudzimu have chosen for you but I cannot stay and watch and pretend I don’t want to run into your arms each time I see you cross the grass path with your uncle’s cattle. I am never yours and we should have never even attempted.’

Tariro folded her letter addressed boldly to TINASHE BANDAWA and left it on the kitchen table in the hut, she didn’t really care who would find it first because by then she would be long gone. She trusted the truck waiting for her outside would take her to another life.

‘I am not a man of many words Kudzai Abugalo but you are the woman my ancestors have chosen for me as much as I respect that with all of my soul but I have chosen to honor my heart instead. I refuse to bind myself to a loveless marriage when I have known passionate, beautiful and godly love. I deserve only the woman I have fallen madly in love with, and her name is Tariro Aluwisi. I am agonized and feel unfairly cheated that she is not the one who is imprinted in my destiny but you. I understand the implications of my escape and I apologize for the embarrassment on both our families but tonight I free all three of us.’

Originally created for Induna Magazine

Photo By: Lutendo Malatji


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