To Turning A Year Old!

My manager and my team decided to celebrate My First Blog Birthday with me. Two cakes were bought, so was champagne (non-alcoholic), a dozen balloons and a cutie 1 Year Birthday Candle ❤

This made this day even more special for me. I really appreciated having other people celebrating the journey of the past year with me.

When I started my blog this time last year, I was almost feeling alone, this was because of all the decisions I was making that really left me feeling isolated, even from those close to me. That’s when this blog became an outlet for all the fears of taking such giant steps into the unknown.

I tried my very best to stay positive and having an online family of people rooting for me also really helped to keep me going. People who consistently believed in me even when I doubted myself the most. Which each comment filled with encouragement and love, I soldiered on. Because of each and every person who has been with me along the way, they were able to soothe and calm the insistent doubts.

And now, a year later, I can’t believe I’ve come this far. I celebrate each and every friend I’ve gained, every follower and supporter of my work and aspirations. I celebrate myself for blindly trusting God and allowing Him to lead me.

I hope I always continue to inspire and affirm your own dreams.

To Another Year of introspection and having you all share it with me 🙂

Thank You ❤


11 thoughts on “To Turning A Year Old!

  1. Congrats Sinawo! I pray for more growth and progression. On another not, you just followed my site but I don’t post on this site anymore. Please sub to I look forward to reading your posts! God bless xx

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