#NaNoWriMo – Writing My First Novel

So Tuesday was the first day of the #NaNoWriMo Challenge. Initially, I decided I wouldn’t participate this year but the writing demon that owns me lurched me into a sudden urge to also want to start my very own novella.

And because I am incapable of doing a single thing without sharing it with you guys first, I thought the #NaNoWriMo2016 shouldn’t be any different. So even though I can’t share all 55 000 unedited words with you but I will be sharing excerpts from the ‘book.’

I would absolutely love for you all to give me feedback and give me prompts on what you think should come next because I have never done anything like this before.

Please don’t hesitate in joining this world wide National Novel Writing Month with me.

This is supposed to be my first chapter. Enjoy ❤

The first place to ever teach Abeni how to conceal her truth was her very own birth name. A lie she helped spread every time she allowed others to assume the meaning of her existence; that she had been the girl child her family had asked God for. To those she told, her start in life appeared to have been an answer to a ceaseless prayer. But the real truth was that nobody had wanted her. Not the adolescent mother that had only been a girl of only sixteen or her Casanova of a father who had not only denied his love affair with Nwaoma but the unborn she was carrying in the pit of her young belly.

Abeni had always made herself invisible even to those she truly yearned to seen by. She grew into a kind of woman that mastered the art of hiding but always secretly hoping to be found. It wasn’t too long into womanhood when she discovered that she had finally buried every living part of who she was meant to be.

Every Saturday Abeni’s home was brought to its knees; laments always made for a sick uncle Abeni had only met twice but one she’d been taught to adore as if he was a limb she couldn’t live without. An obligation she dutifully fulfilled without question. The prayers would start quietly as a casual conversation with the One true God who is said to knit all babies in the wombs of all mothers. That is how Abeni always chose to define Him, it helped to console her about being a bastard. There were plenty other verses that she tattooed to her heart, which claimed God knew exactly what He was doing when he decided she should be an heir of illegitimacy. 

Photo By: Lonwabo Zimela 

Please share your very own experiences about starting your book? How would you start your first chapter? Would you like to share that with me?


6 thoughts on “#NaNoWriMo – Writing My First Novel

  1. Wow! I am interested in just walking inside your mind/head someday, your writing skill is so unbelievable and too good! Keep o keeping on. I feel like the next part of the story should show how her name defines her, if she did findout what her name means and also her parents maybe growing to either hate her more or love her in a hateful/regretful way as she discovers herself. GRAAAAAAYT STORY ALREADY

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