A Billion Lives Movie Premiere


Many many many moons ago, I was invited as a plus one to a Movie Premiere. And because Johannesburg insists on being a persistent lover that demands on having all my firsts, I had to go.

A Billion Lives is an Award-Winning Documentary Film that premiered at the Jozi Film Festival. It is based on varied and shrewd views about all the dangers of smoking cigarettes and focuses on introducing e-cigarettes as a safer alternative.

The whole documentary is entirely committed to uncovering the lies and conspiracies that big companies and governments are deliberately keeping from smokers to keep them addicted.

The film is narrated by the director, Aaron Biebert, who actually made an appearance at the Movie Premiere with his wife and two kids. He even stayed afterwards to mingle with the throngs of attendees who waited to meet and converse with him.

Even as a non-smoker myself, the movie still had me intrigued. I walked out of the cinema feeling like I had learned a great deal about smoking as both an addiction and a business.

The title of the documentary is based on the 1 billion lives that are projected to die because of smoking related diseases. Apparently the real truth is being kept from cigarette smokers, they are kept in the dark and misled into believing that e-cigarettes are bad for them, when in fact they could actually be the best option to help save their lives.

Halfway through the movie, it did kind of start feeling like an advert. Some of the opinions expressed are personal testimonies that portray the e-cigarette as the ultimate lifesaver, many claimed that it’s proven itself as the best way to quit and as a less harmful substitute. Not that they don’t appear sincere but one can tell that the director is more than just convicted to expose this truth but in fact he has actually made it his personal mission to prove his beliefs.

In most countries the e-cigarette is banned because it is said to be dangerous, the documentary disputes this as pure deception, intended to keep the smoking of deadly cigarettes as the only available option, and ultimately eliminate any competition.

I’m certain that many of the attendees who also came to the screening were certainly glad to be South African citizens as they embraced the freedom of smoking their e-cigarettes freely throughout the night.

Personally, I am always so uneasy when these kinds of truths are exposed, the reality that we are actually ruled and governed by corrupt officials who rarely ever have their citizens’ best interests at heart is disturbing. All that ever seems to happen is manipulation & distortion of the truth by those who should know better.

Watching these kind of documentaries and having to make the decision to trust the research and opinions means I become less trusting and more cynical of our governments. If those in power continue to abuse the power for devious intentions that are vile and unfair then what do we believe in? Where do we entrust all our hope?

Photos By: Lonwabo Zimela

Would you go see this documentary? What would you hope to gain from seeing it?

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