FNB Joburg Art Fair

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I’ve always been found flawed by the few that really take the time to absorb all my quirky traits.

And one of my ‘diagnosed’ shortcomings is how I always lack the ability of expressing bursts of elation.

And even though excitement is an infrequent feeling, it has always been my most favorite to experience.

Then suddenly at the most unpredictable times, foreign joyfulness will creep up on me, randomly engrossing me in pure delightful spirits.

It’s rare but always oh so entirely exquisite.

The 9 th Edition of the FNB Joburg Art Fair easily marked itself as one of those uncommon occurrences that fully fascinated me. I witnessed as the whole four days of the event continued to keep me exclusively and truly ecstatic.

I thought being alone at the first event to ever grant me a media pass would intimidate me. I expected all the attendees to stalk me with piercing eyes, accusing that I didn’t belong there, exposing me as an ill-fated misfit. But instead, all that the art lovers were absorbed with, were the striking paintings, drawings and sculptures that hung on the white walls. Most of their time was also spent intimately focused on each other, contributing to the countless and jovial voices that swelled up at the Sandton Convention Centre.

I wasn’t sure what to expect at first but what I came across filled me with so much pride, as if I knew each artist personally. On all the days I attended, my camera flickered relentlessly capturing and soaking in all the beauty I was surrounded by.

Each day I slowly explored all the featured work, which totaled an overall count of 80 exhibitions within 6 categories including Contemporary and Modern Art, Special Projects, Gallery Solo Projects, Limited Editions and Art Platforms. With the selected galleries and organizations originating from 17 countries across Africa, Europe and the United States.

I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on the many conversations about the art and their creators; how instinctively impressed the hordes of art lovers were at the direction that the FNB Joburg Art Fair had taken; choosing instead to diversify the different kinds of work they chose to exhibit. There was a sense of pride that immersed the crowds and I was extremely honored to be witnessing it with them.

The FNB Joburg Art Fair was a prestigious event made up of people who can afford to have a unique interest and appreciation for things that exude splendor and creativity.

Photo By: Lonwabo Zimela

Were you ever like me once, believing that art was for a certain kind of people? What experience have you told yourself was not for you but ended up enjoying? 

6 thoughts on “FNB Joburg Art Fair

  1. One experience I ended up accepting fully and enjoying in the end, is what I’m doing now; being a redio news reader. I had studied Journalism just for my love for writing. I have always been shy and not so good at speaking. It was a challenge at first but learning new things can teach you about your abilities.

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