Trevor Noah Writes His Love Letter To South Africa


The morning I started reading Trevor Noah’s Biography: Born A Crime And Other Stories, I had to go on a date later that same day.

Arriving late and a little irked that I had to pull myself away from my book, I couldn’t help but spew the hearty review I was already writing in my head all over our cute date.

For the shoddy behavior of chewing my date’s ear off about a book he seemed to not really care about, I consoled myself by saying, at least, I was ensuring that there weren’t any awkward silences between us. So I went on and on and on… 

With just one book, Trevor Noah chronicles a journey that really embodies stories of most South Africans. He tackles and challenges quite a varied number of topics that will appeal and relate to many of us.

I imagine, he had many options on how to write his biography but he chose a way that would make us proud of him as a son of this soil, proudly flying the SA flag in the America.

He wrote so candidly on a whole lot of unfair and misinformed misconceptions about the issues of the country, which I felt was very important, especially since he has a wider audience that goes beyond the borders of Africa. He has throngs of followers and appreciators of his work and that makes him the best person for this job of enlightener.

It almost seems like Trevor Noah was deliberate in shedding necessary clarity on the real South Africa beyond all its known shortcomings. Through his book, he diminishes all stereotypes about what we are as both black and colored people and how certain aspects of apartheid have continued to influence and damage what we are trying to build as a democracy.

The writing style of the biography is simple enough for just about anyone to read but still interesting enough to keep you glued to the book. Trevor Noah has such an important story to tell about his life, I got to truly embrace the beauty of his journey through his own words.

The book certainly served as a great conversation starter for weeks after my date, even long after I finished reading it, I kept referencing a lot of the themes. It continued to be an important inspiration, helping me introspect and question.

Trevor Noah’s Biography: Born A Crime & Other Stories feels like such a love poem to South Africa. It is so beautiful. His love for the country and its people comes through so strongly in the book. I hope every South African reads this book and falls in love with it just as much as I did.

Photo By: Lonwabo Zimela

Am I the only one that struggles with being separated from a great book? What is the latest book you hated being separated from? 

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