Finding Love In A Hopeless Place

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About two weeks ago, we sat side by side on the bed, in the dark of a candle lit flat.

We were eating his birthday cake from the same dish, because that’s what he had insisted we do.

This made me feel shy but I liked being that close to him so I didn’t put up a fight.

I didn’t have much of our dinner earlier but the dessert was delicious and I was eating up way more than him. 

I quietly wondered if he liked any of the things I had piled onto our communal dish but I didn’t ask.

There was still so much we didn’t know about each other but being here meant we were open to exploring.

We were cute awkward and not really saying as much as we had the last time we were together. 

This time was different because we had to confront our lustful humble beginning and decide what would come next.

He was still getting into the habit of wording out his feelings so sometimes he’d stop mid sentence and refuse to repeat himself when I didn’t hear.

I thought the language barrier was one of the cutest things about us. I would later find out that he felt the same.

We were an adventure, one we didn’t go out looking for but loved stumbling across anyway.

We were navigating this unknown called us, and so far, we were enjoying every minute of it.

It had been a long day for him and I worried that I was an addition he didn’t really know how to process.

But he was the one who had chosen the night of his birthday to be our very first official date. 

I didn’t know him all that well but I needed to believe him when he said that I was all he wanted that day.

He was also so intense and that made me a little uneasy. I kept telling him, he seemed like someone who had a lot on his mind.

His response was always a quiet smile.

That smile was the reason I had walked all the way across the class to introduce myself to him. 

He seemed to like looking into my face and he never looked away whenever I caught him staring.

We had rudely interrupted each other’s lives and he looked like a man who was about to ask me to stay. 

Then with an unintentional seriousness and a foreign loudness in his voice, he blurted out ‘What do you hope for this to become?’ 

The words sounded unplanned and felt more like a forming thought but they fit perfectly into my heart, just the way his body always did when it was entangled into mine.

He looked like he still had more to say so I let him continue ‘We don’t really have a lot to base this on but I want this so I’d like for you to give us a chance’

Photo By: Lonwabo Zimela

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