My Relationship With The Light

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I danced all day yesterday

I wiggled in the streets of Randburg as if I owned the land that the suburb stands on.

I rapped along loudly to my latest favorite song (sorry to everyone who shared a taxi with me) 🙈

And when I got to the #MandelaDay event in Soweto, with my eyes closed and the renovated playground imagined as my stage. I hummed, allowing the nostalgia ignited by the old music to escort me back to treasured memories.

Then later, when I got back to the office, I twerked in the toilet while watching myself in the mirror.

My bum moved and my waist refused to be left out from all the fun.

I laughed at myself with my hands covering my shy face. My body wouldn’t stop enjoying its new found rhythm.

My left foot tapped in unison with my right.

I smiled deep from a place that felt like it only carried light.

I embraced the joy and welcomed the foreignness with my hands waving loudly in the air.

I assumed it was happiness this thing and I was unsure of how long it would last.

Honestly, I really didn’t care.

I loved that sadness was not making a home out of me.

I felt free and unbound and I didn’t dare ask why.

I refused to burden my smiling heart with over thinking or remembering that nothing good ever stays for long in my life.

I didn’t smother my tomorrow with insecurities about its plans for me.

I was in the moment and I felt perfect for it.

So what if the euphoria didn’t accompany the next day?

Well, it didn’t! 

When I needed the light, I was flooded in it. 

I am learning to embrace both darkness and light ❤

Photo By: Lonwabo Zimela


9 thoughts on “My Relationship With The Light

  1. There would be no light without darkness! We wouldn’t know what joy feels pain! We wouldnt know what happiness feels like without sadness! Soak in every moment! Appreciate every feeling! #Nice😊😊

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