Being Black(ish)

I believe we are always capable of doing better and contributing to the greater good of our world❤

When The Past Comes Looking For Me

Even after my unnecessary and laborious shower, I still feel burdened by a simple sentence ‘You know, you never finish anything you start.’❤

Google Our New Companion

Ask yourself, are you able to discern between knowledge and depth or what is specifically wrong for you❤

Independent Lover

‘All everybody knows about your ex is that she was your girlfriend. Being in a relationship with you automatically branded her as only just that! I don’t want the same thing for myself, I want to be my own person❤

An Open Letter To You

I do not want the woman who’s carried me on her back taken away from me by you❤

Mastering the Now

I imagined my blog to be a quiet place that I’d entrust the most intricate parts of me for safe keeping❤

A Journal Entry

There is something about the time we spent together that made me feel less alone in this Big City❤

So What???

Thing is now, we are done being sorry for realizing our strength❤

A Letter From Hustleburg

I got a call that was inviting me on a television show to talk about my blogging experience❤