Mastering the Now

One of the reasons I started blogging was because I was tired of hounding my friends with essays and essays of my untamed thoughts at unfair hours of the morning. I needed an outlet. A necessary beneficiary that would neither sleep nor slumber, documenting all the ways I expose my truth. I imagined my blog to be a quiet place that I’d entrust the most intricate parts of me for safe keeping. So as I do with most things in my life, I didn’t give this decision too much thought. I just woke up one day and before I knew it, I was confirming a new account I’d set up on WordPress. A few days later, my first blog post was published.

It’s been quite an incredible journey of self-discovery. This blog has become a portfolio and my most favoritest thing about myself. Sometimes I come online and just stare at it with the greatest pride. Blogging has given me so much and I am grateful for my random start because it’s birthed and rewarded me with more than just a career but what I truly believe to be my life purpose.


Nothing is ever off limits

Regardless of what people tell you, it’s your freaking blog, only you have a say on what gets published or what shouldn’t. In fact, do yourself a favor and publish all your thoughts. Sure at first, you’ll have to overcome the mini panic attacks from writing your heart out but soon enough even that subsides. Write for yourself first and you’ll never have to care what the world thinks.

You are creating content

Before you, no one else could give us what you can. You are unique. Appreciate yourself for finding a voice and refusing to be quiet. Oh and don’t blog to be consistent. No. You are a contributor, so add value rather than being too focused on always posting. Otherwise everything goes here. Try new things. Post as an award nominee even when not nominated. Ask questions. Copy themes that you like. Fiddle relentlessly with your WordPress settings. Master the now, baby step through it and you’ll absolutely love what you find on the other side. Subscribe to blogging newsletters. Ask google anything you don’t understand about WordPress.

For this award, I thank my awesome friend Joel Jemba. I know this nomination was just a ploy to get me out of the dark woods of not posting. I enjoyed writing this so it’s been worth the walk in the light. He’s nominated all our friends so I’m renominating them all.

Photo by: Simangaliso Tshabalala 


21 thoughts on “Mastering the Now

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  2. Nothing scares me like starting my own blog. I fear what others will think of my untold truths. I honestly look forward to the day I can put myself down on paper unashamedly. Thanks Nawo

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